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The objective: Make Richard Madden happy by showing him our love and support ;)
How: Our mission is to send Richard as many postcards as we can!
When: We’re aiming for April 15.

Troika Talent
3rd floor 74 Clerkenwell Road 
London EC1M 5QA

  • Do I need a special postcard?

No! But it would be great if you could find one with the name of your city/country, so that Richard would know he has fans all over the world! :)

  • What should I write?

The main thing we want to include on our postcards is 
Make sure it’s big and visible ;) 
Obviously, underneath this, you may write a personal/individual message to Richard. But please, for the love of unicorns, keep. it. clean. Please don’t be creepy ;) 

  • Where should I send it?

We’re sending our postcards to Troika Talent, Richard’s talent agency.

Troika Talent
3rd floor 74 Clerkenwell Road 
London EC1M 5QA 

  • When should I send it?

Well, we want the postcards to reach him on April 15 so it depends on where you live. I’m guessing outside the UK it would take about 3-5 days, but make sure to check/ask at your local post office!

Please reblog the message [as many times as you wish!] to get as many people involved as possible!

Any questions? Feel free to ask me!
idea by Kamal and Dorota